Friday, January 21, 2011

(1/21/11) Lighthouses and Fried Krispy Kremes

WOW this week went fast. But I guess it normally feels that way when I'm constantly forgetting homework and realizing I've done nothing about it until the day it's due.

I've been super crazy busy this month, however (sadly) not photographically. Which stinks.

My grandparents came for a visit a few weeks ago to enjoy the oh-so-summery South Florida winter weather. We went to the beach, perspired in the ridiculously hot sun, went up the Jupiter lighthouse, and all around had a good time! I also went camping this month with my girlfriends, but there wasn't much photographic significance about that since it was 99% goofing off. The other 1% of the time we spent just feeling our faces freeze. Oh yeah, Florida gets cold sometimes, too. It just can't make up its mind!

Anyway, enjoy the nice, summery image for the nice, summery winter!
(Oh, and if you're going to the South Florida Fair, avoid the cheeseburgers-sandwiched-between-two-Krispy-Kreme-donuts. They will blow up your stomach. Just a friendly word of advice.)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

(1/1/11) Anytime: Jackie

Jackie is one of my absolute best friends of all time. She's insanely talented with music, is a great photographer herself, and has an inexplicable love for sock monkeys; in other words, she's way cool!

We had a blast on this shoot... It's always an adventure to explore the woods with a guitar and sock monkey in tow!