I'm Julia. :)

What makes my world spin round is photography, music, family, and a good cappuccino every now and then.

I've been shooting since I was twelve, so that would be about four years now. Four of the best years of my life! My dream is to become a wedding/engagement/family photographer. God has blessed me so much -- I'm living my dream!

So, why I love photography:

I love people.

I love being with people.

I love smiles, I love happy folks, I love LOVE. I think it's so ridiculously ├╝ber great when two people promise to spend the rest of their lives with each other. It's a huge privilege and responsibility to capture that in an image.

That's not quite the entire story though. I love being a photographer because of people and emotions, true. But really, the reason why I'm passionate about creating images is the fact that I get to play a part in displaying the art that God has already created. Such a privilege, and way fun, too!

Thanks so much for visiting my site! Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or comments.

the little things:
  • I have a cactus named Sean.
  • I volunteer at a non-profit coffee shop: Origin Coffee and Tea.
  • I keep Christmas lights up all year.
  • My dogs drive me crazy, but I'm utterly smitten with them both.
  • The two best smells in the world: the ground right after it rains and pine trees in the warm sun.
  • I'm not a beach person, I'm an ocean person.
  • I have a serious fear of Ronald McDonald.
  • I. Love. Snail. Mail.
  • Orange happens to be the best color in the world, and I have way too much orange clothing.
  • Whales are the coolest.
  • I drink hot cocoa because I love the warm fuzzies in my tummy after I drink it.
  • Canoeing with me is a harrowing experience. Last time I tried to canoe, I flipped over. The time before that, I narrowly avoided crashing head on at full speed into an alligator.