Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(3/21/11) Photo Soup

Well, life has certainly caught up to me lately. Of course that seems to imply that, at some point, I was ahead of it! To be completely honest, it seems like life has lapped me and left me in the dust. :) Crazy how a whole day goes by with only bits and pieces of productivity. Waking up in the morning comes with lofty plans as to how the day will go, but things seem to unravel here and there until it's all lying by the wayside and I'm falling asleep that night, formulating ambitious plans for the next morning. Course that's a normal thing, but it's been especially pronounced these past few weeks due to a bunch of travel, random chaos, being sick, and giant school projects. (One of these projects being a speech on photography! Fun stuff.)

The images I'm sharing are just a collection of the craziness of this past month. It's like... photo soup! So here goes, dig in!

The gorgeous, spring-y flowers that bloomed behind our house about a week ago:
I love this one so much... It has a bit of an underwater feel, which I find really neat:
More photo soup! My family and I took a hiking trip to the American River Canyon... very fun stuff:
Looks like a painting:
The water was so still that day! This is Clark's Pool, a refreshing swimming hole in the summer, a freezing cold one in the winter:
Geometric reflections:
The color of the water is just so striking:
Stirring things up a bit now... My mum, brother, and I took a trip down south to Irvine to compete in a speech and debate tournament. (That's where I presented my speech on photography, by the way!) No especially fun photos from the actual tournament, but we took a short side trip to the beach to experience the SoCal sun:
A few details:
Such a beautiful beach:
So we're all caught up now! Such a lovely feeling. :) I have quite a few photoshoots planned in the next months, so expect more images soon.

As a bit of a PS, the Hunger Games is coming out in one day! Have I ever fangirled this much about anything before? No. Is this movie going to be fantastic? Um, YES!! Anyone else totally stoked for Friday?