Friday, December 31, 2010

(12/31/10) Best of 2010

This is the first time I've done this, and I'm pretty super excited about it! This year (or end of it, for that matter), I decided to post my favorite pictures from the last twelve months.

There really isn't a one specific reason for posting this menagerie of images other than they all mean something more to me. The memories attached to them, the people, and the emotion are all what makes them the best of 2010.

I honestly can't believe how amazing 2010 was.

All my friends and clients supporting me are amazing! You guys pushed me to start this and I can't thank you enough. I have the best friends and family EVER! If it weren't for your encouragement, sometimes I wonder where I would be; if I would have even been doing this at all anymore.

I can only look to God and say thank you, but he has blessed me with more than I could ever imagine. Earlier this year, I saw how I wasn't really putting much effort into my photography, it was just floating me around wherever it happened to flow. I asked God to take it wherever he wanted it to go, and I'd follow the opportunities he gave me. WOW, I honestly cannot believe how amazing it has turned out! As I said, I can only look to God and say thank you, but there is so much he has blessed me with that it hardly feels like saying thank you is anything at all.

Praise God! Happy new year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

(12/24/10) The Bourque Ladies

I love this family. Well, I love the whole family, not just these three! Let me introduce you to the female side of the Bourque clan.

Rebekah, the youngest, has been one of my besties for about five years now. She's nuts about lacrosse, penguins, and chocolate milk. Jessica is the oldest "kid" in the family, and she's in town on Christmas vacation from LSU. Lastly, Mrs. Christina is basically my second mom! I love them all, and we had such a blast on this shoot!

Such beautiful ladies:

Have you noticed yet how much I love black and white?

Monday, December 13, 2010

(12/13/10) Anytime: Joy

Can I introduce you to my lovely best friend?

Her name's Joy, and she's an incredibly talented model. One of our favorite pastimes is going out for photo shoots, giving me copious amounts of practice sharpening my photo skills. Here are the results from one of these sessions!

Santa hat? Oh yes.

Can you believe the amount of gorgeousness oozing from this girl?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today I finally got around to shooting some photos in the woods near my house. :) It was freezing of course, (I know I'm spoiled from living in Florida, but 50 degrees is pretty darn chilly) but -would you believe it- I braved the cold weather and got some good shots anyway.

More of those soon.

For now, I give you my first ever... Um... Collection of edits? Not quite sure what to call it yet, but let's just imagine a really cool, witty name for it. Just for now. Anyway, I took a certain photo today that I thought would look great in all sorts of different edits. I thought it'd be fun to post them all, so here you go!

First, the original:
Then I "winterified" it:

Time for some Polaroid madness:
And who doesn't need some festive Christmas fun this time of year?
I really shouldn't post this last one, but sacrificing my dignity (for what reason, I'm still not quite sure), here goes...