Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(1/11/12) Anytime: Rebecca

Crazy things are happening in my world! I'm certainly not sure if they will be announce-worthy when they come to fruition, but the announcement that I may, someday, have something to announce is actually quite exciting! (By the way, I totally just broadcasted my homeschooler-ness across the whole Internet by using the phrase "come to fruition!")

I love exclamation points!!!!!

Anywhoo, now that I've made you curious, I shall explain.

I've always dreamt of getting together with a group of girls who are serious about photography. We would just hang out, make yummy snacks, and go on photo shoots together. Last year, as I wished for that, I figured, "Hey, while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony too!" However, this year I met a fantastic friend with big dreams who is up for anything. And, big plus, she's a killer photographer. So, my big news is that we're going to try to make this dream happen.

More news: As of Monday, I am now a volunteer at Origin Coffee! I am rather giddy with excitement about this. Origin is a nonprofit coffee house that sends all its profits to anti - sex trafficking organizations. It's definitely a great feeling to be helping.

Okay, now to the actual point of this post: I did this for a great girl named Rebecca who has started her own makeup business called Glambition Makeup. She and I decided to team up and help each other out by doing a photo shoot to increase both of our portfolios.

She is crazy gorgeous:

Love love love her red hair:

This girl has got some serious style:
Can't tell if I like this one more in black and white or color...