Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today I finally got around to shooting some photos in the woods near my house. :) It was freezing of course, (I know I'm spoiled from living in Florida, but 50 degrees is pretty darn chilly) but -would you believe it- I braved the cold weather and got some good shots anyway.

More of those soon.

For now, I give you my first ever... Um... Collection of edits? Not quite sure what to call it yet, but let's just imagine a really cool, witty name for it. Just for now. Anyway, I took a certain photo today that I thought would look great in all sorts of different edits. I thought it'd be fun to post them all, so here you go!

First, the original:
Then I "winterified" it:

Time for some Polaroid madness:
And who doesn't need some festive Christmas fun this time of year?
I really shouldn't post this last one, but sacrificing my dignity (for what reason, I'm still not quite sure), here goes...


Anonymous said...

Like 1 and 2 the best and thepolariod keepup the great work hehehw

Madeline said...

Lovin' the Polaroid one...

And the last one, of course. O.o