Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(9/9/12) Hannah

We hadn't seen each other in ten years.

Walking up to her house, I felt apprehensive. "It really has been a long time... I don't even know what she looks like! What if she's really quiet? Oh goodness. This is going to be awkward." I mean, really. Knowing that I'm going to be staying at someone's house for a few days, and I don't even have an inkling of what they're like = instant awkward turtle me.

Hannah and I met when we were... how old? We must have been... two? Our families both lived in Houston, Texas at the time. She and I were great friends (for age two... I mean, how great can friends be when you're two?), but we eventually parted ways when my family moved to Illinois. Life happened. Ten years of it, in fact. Somewhere in those ten years, both the Socolofsky and the Hansen families ended up in sunny California! They settled So Cal, we settled Nor Cal, and, bizarrely, Hannah and I ended up in the same homeschool speech and debate league!

My mum, brother, and I were in So Cal for a tournament in that very league at Concordia University last spring. To cut costs, we decided to stay with another family who was also participating in the tournament -- guess who?

Despite feeling wayyy awkward walking up to their house, right when the door opened we got along like we had seen each other last week. Within ten minutes, Hannah and I were sitting on her rooftop patio laughing our heads off about goats and random phrases. :)

We hit it off so well during those few days at the tournament that I flew down to the LA area to visit her for a week last month. Gelato was devoured, beaches and caves were explored, Sherlock (BBC!) was watched and fangirled over, card games were played intensely, etc, etc. In other words, we had a fantastic week!

Many photoshoots ensued as well, of course! 

She's so, so beautiful.

I'm crazy for this light:

Her dad is a phenomenal photographer, so she's practiced (and fantastic!) at modeling:

Pier pelicans:

Right before decided that he had enough of this photography nonsense and went for me and my camera:
The lovely Pacific on a (very) sunny day:

The Wayfarer's Chapel -- made of redwood and glass.
On the beach!

So lovely:
The very last shot of the trip:


Jack Lynn Eleanor said...

SO AMAZING! Miss you girl!! come visit me next? (;

Claire said...

Hahaha you also sat on the roof and tried to tan your feet, don't forget about that =). lol =).

Hannah Socolofsky said...

Hi. Thanks for posting this. I love you. I miss you. Claire, I had forgotten about us trying to tsn our feet. I just remember that gargantu-JUAN was created the night before.

I miss you both. You girls are the best.