Monday, June 20, 2011

(6/20/11) Anytime: Victoria

We live faaar apart, but when we're together, we watch movies, construct fairy houses in the backyard, play on jungle gyms at the park, and just generally act about 5 years younger than we really are. This is me and my lovely cousin Victoria!

Victoria is ridiculously sweet and so fun. If we didn't live so far apart from each other, we'd be *constantly* hanging out. But as it is, we're pretty darn close to best friends and thankfully distance can't change that!

Uhm, stunning....
Lots of b&w photos in this post -- it's fun to experiment and stretch myself!

Sooooo lovely:


Anonymous said...

the first black and white one is soo gorgeous!!

stardusk1 said...

Vicky is one of my best frieds and these pictures are amazing!!! i love how you took those ones in the tube things on the playgroud:)