Friday, August 12, 2011

(8/12/11) Auburn and Muir Woods

Ah, the wide-eyed adventures of a girl exploring her new home. I must say, California is beautiful, even though it's not Florida! Every time I see mountains in the distance, I can't think of anything but how gorgeous they are. The way the sun shines through the wheat-colored grass stops me in my tracks. Every. Time.

I hope that never goes away, even if I live here for the rest of my life.

The next two installments of my adventures are a trip to Auburn and a seven-mile hike through Muir Woods near San Francisco. Enjoy!

On the way to Muir Woods, my mum, my friend Sarah and I took a wrong turn and got lost for about 30 minutes. It was frustrating at the time, but we wouldn't have been able to see the Pacific from Highway 1 otherwise. I must say, getting lost can definitely be a good thing:
Wow... foggy much?
First time I saw the Pacific:
Finally made it to Muir Woods:

Wish I could've captured how stunning this was, when the sun shone through the fog. Hm, maybe you'll have to visit the woods yourself!

Stinson Beach:
We did drive through San Francisco after the hike, but it was so ridiculously foggy and freezing that I didn't grab many photos. Even driving on the Golden Gate Bridge, all we could really see was fog -- this shot is heavily doctored just to be able to see anything!
The amazing contrast in temperature between San Francisco and Roseville is rather astounding! When we hopped in the car in San Francisco, it was 50 degrees. When we got out in Roseville, it was 80. Um, wow?

I'm sure to be posting a lot more photos from my exploratory adventures in California soon!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the pic of the water over the rocks, and the woods look amazing!!