Sunday, August 7, 2011

(8/7/11) Epic Roadtrip

Settling in to California is a bigger beast than I thought it would be, but not quite in the same ways. Meeting friends? I thought that would be ridiculously difficult. Heck, it *is* hard. But not as hard as I thought it would be, thankfully. My hypothesis is that since I've been exposed to rude strangers for eight years now, I didn't expect to meet any nice people at all.... Needless to say, I've been pleasantly surprised with the kindness of even complete strangers!

It's the other aspects of settling in that are irking me. Change of scenery, for one. I miss my palmetto forests, run through with quiet paths. I miss the smell of the hot sun on the ground covered in fragrant pine needles. I definitely miss my secret spot in the forest that no one knows about... except for me.

The trees here are beautiful, but everything seems so dusty and dry. Hopefully some day the yellow grass here will turn green!

Anyway, I said it was coming, and I am now making good on my promise - photos from the SoFla-to-NorCal roadtrip!

Our first stop was in New Orleans. Never having been there before, it was frustrating that we had to leave so early (we had to drive all the way to San Antonio that day), but it was a great stop anyway! I adore the character this town has. I wish I had time to capture it all in photos, but I guess that means you'll have to visit it yourself someday!

St. Louis Cathedral:

Louisiana.... So pretty:
Finally to Texas! And yes, out in the middle of nowhere:

Sandstorm and sun rays over the Arizona desert:

Raindrops on the windshield:
Finally to California! It took us four days to get to this sign.
Joshua Tree National Park:
More photos from my California adventures coming soon!

Preview from a hike in Auburn:
Preview from Highway 1 near San Francisco:

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