Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(10/11/11) Birthdays and Big Cities

October is a rather... full... month. At least for the Hansens. All the birthdays of my immediate family are squished into these four weeks!

On Saturday, my family took a day trip to San Francisco for my birthday. Since we had visited San Fran pretty recently before then (scroll down a post or two in order to check out those photos), we decided to go beyond the must-see attractions and explore a bit deeper.

An odd view of the San Francisco skyline:

Chinatown and the Bay Bridge on a gorgeous day:

The Fleet Week air show:

After the air show, we stopped at my favorite restaurant - Boudin's! SO. YUM.
The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park:

Off to the windy Pacific coast! It was gorgeous.... but freezing. Like, numb fingers and red nose freezing:


Anonymous said...

You probably dont remember me but we are distantly related. Smitty is my great uncle, emphasis on great, who is my grandmas brother.

Anyways, as a fellow photographer myself, I am very curious to know what you are shooting with? I have Nikon D3100 and absoutely love it.

Love your photos !!! Stay in touch great-distantlly-2nd cousin- by-marriage

pink_becca3 said...

You take beautiful pictures! Do you edit them at all?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, these are beautiful! I especially love the pink blossoms, the teapot, and the last two pictures. Happy Birthday! =)


Dying Pelican said...

The colors in some of these pictures are so gorgeously saturated! Love them.