Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(11/1/11) Anytime: Claire

The weather had been cooling off for a while, raising my hopes of hot cocoa, scarves, and pretty red leaves to heights they rarely reach. Of course, on the day of the photo shoot, the sun quickly shot out from behind its previous hiding place (the formerly dense grey clouds) and was so intense that it felt like the beginning of summer again. Oh well, we made it work!

Returning to the purpose of this entire post, I shall now introduce you to one of the coolest, most hilarious, most talented girls I have ever met - Claire! I met her..... um, was it really only two weeks ago? I love those people who, right after you say hello, it seems like you've known for years.

I met her at a speech club, in which I had no idea what I was doing and she totally... did. I had no previous exposure to the whole "world of speech" and she explained it for me in a nutshell of about five minutes. She is ridiculously talented, which is a statement I say with utmost confidence since I've seen her performing her D.I.'s (that's Dramatic Interpretation for those of you who don't happen to have a friend who explains all of these ridiculous acronyms)... and working it in front of the camera. :)

So here's the proof -- she's pretty much really gorgeous.


A Circle of Quiet said...

Beautiful pics, Julia. Thanks!

Claire's mom

Dying Pelican said...

Wow! I love her hair in this series of pictures!

You guys are both so amazing . . . I MISS YOU.