Saturday, September 8, 2012

(9/8/12) Land's End

It feels so good to finally be posting all these images that have been waiting on my computer for so long! I've been shooting a ton lately, so this still isn't the end of it. Catching up feels great, though! :)

Sometimes I feel like I do way too much exploring. I. Explore. Everywhere. I went to San Francisco with my family recently, and foregoing downtown and all the touristy places, we went to Land's End (look it up if you haven't yet; it's beautiful) where I hiked around, got sandy, explored caves, and just generally ruined my new shoes! It really is the formula for fun and adventure. Go somewhere new + bring a camera + don't worry about getting dirty = instant best day ever.

So much wildlife:

 We named him Andrew. He's pretty sociable!

 A new black and white preset I made on Lightroom 4:
 I have no idea where I'm going to explore next, but I'm already looking forward to it!

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Hannah Socolofsky said...

Love it!! You are such an incredible photographer. What did you edit these with?

So good talking to you today. =D